Organic, all natural charcoal

, 100% all
   natural hardwood lump and hardwood RANCHER(tm) briquette brand
   charcoal is the perfect fuel for every outdoor griller. We offer nothing but the    best, RANCHER(tm) hardwood briquettes. Top grillers know that the right    hardwood briquette can make the difference between a good barbecue and
   a great one.

   It is our great pleasure to introduce our 100% All Natural Hardwood Lump
   and RANCHER(tm) brand Hardwood Briquette Charcoal to you. The Original    Charcoal Company’s Hardwood Lump and RANCHER charcoal is made from    private farms of South American hardwoods, coppiced, not clear cut. It is    recognized as the preeminent outdoor cooking medium and a better    performing alternative to the typical chemical-laden, coal dust, briquet.

The only company that uses both FSC certification and GMP audits