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Our all-natural charcoal products will provide you with the best savory taste possible. Period.


100% All-Natural hardwood Briquette charcoal.

Wonderful Wood-fired flavor!

This is the ultimate briquette for those who are more comfortable with briquet, but want lump flavor, heat, and length burn profile of hardwood charcoal. Perfect for grilling and smoking.

Hardwood Lump

Our original 100% all-natural hardwood lump charcoal is one of the most reliable and trusted products on the market for professional and end consumers throughout the country.

Smoking Chips

For the ultimate in smoky campfire flavor, add Original Charcoal Company All-natural Mesquite & Hickory wood chips or chunks to your BBQ grill

Instant Light

Our all-natural, one-of-a-kind Instant Light lump charcoal product is convenient and easy to use!